Stood here while the sun spun its fine threads of gold. (at Ventura Beach Pier)
Traffic along 101’s gnarly. Decided to kill time with a vanilla latte, the good book, and the boy…more time in SB? No complaints here 😄 (at the French Press)
The beach. Always, always, always a good idea. (at Carpinteria Beach)
My morning brought me back here. Chim chimney climbs. (at Knapp’s Castle)
wherever this is, i want to be.
More weekend please! And a paddleboard would be nice too 😄 miss being out on the ocean… (at my happy place)
cominatchya santa barbreezy✌️😉 (at the weekend)
In a reflective mood. Looooook closely (upside down’s right side up). This was one of the freshest, greenest, most refreshing hikes I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing!
Where is this? Solve this madgab: “June Hoe Hull Ask Her” (at June Hoe Hull Ask Her #madgab)